Body contouring is a term given to a menu of Surgical and non-surgical procedures that can be used reshape your body. All of them are aimed at getting rid of fat cells under the skin.

Some procedures use highly specialised equipment that work by freezing the fat by a process called cryolipolisis.

Another technique uses a laser machine that uses ultrasound energy to destroy the fat below the skin. The energy dissolves the fat cells.

Radiofrequency is also another method used. Very precise energy is directed to the excess fat cells, destroying them.

Once the fat cells are destroyed, the body naturally eliminates them form the body via the normal bodily functions.

Body contouring is ideal for someone who has reached their healthy goal weight and is stabilised at that weight. It is ideal in cases where there is not a very large volume of fat to be removed.

The body contouring procedures do not require any anaesthesia and you will not need time for recovery. The duration of the treatment will depend directly on the type of procedure you and your doctor have decided on.

What to Expect:

  • At your appointment, the doctor will review your medical history and discuss your expectations from the procedure.
  • Some minor bruising and pain are common with these procedures, but these symptoms subside after a few days.
  • You can expect to see visible results after about two weeks because the body gets rid of the destroyed fat cells gradually.
  • To maintain the effects of the body contouring procedure you should exercise regularly and eat healthy to prevent any extra weight gain.

If you think that body contouring is for you, make an appointment with our clinic and get the curves you’ve always wanted.

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