Tattoos have captivated people for centuries across cultures and societies. However, sometimes people with tattoos undergo life changes that don’t support the tattoos that meant so much to them previously and this inspires them to have the tattoos removed.

Is this even possible? Yes, tattoo removal in Dubai is very possible at Australia Medical Centre.

We have the latest laser technology and trained staff who can help you remove any unwanted tattoos.

The benefits are:

  • The laser consultant will examine the tattoo and skin and give you a rough estimate on the number of sessions you will require to completely remove the tattoo. The average number of sessions may vary from six to twelve sessions depending on the size and the pigments used in your tattoo, amongst other considerations.
  • You also have to factor in the six weeks of healing between sessions
  • Special lasers called ultra-short pulse lasers are used and they work very fast to break up the ink particles in the tattoo. These smaller particles can then be absorbed and eliminated by the body.
  • The laser technician will advise you on the best ways to take care of your skin to prevent any complications after the tattoo removal in Dubai. You will have to keep the area clean and bandaged for about one week after the procedure to give your skin time to heal and to prevent infection. This will ensure a successful tattoo removal- like it was never there!

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