Women naturally have hair on their faces. Some can live with this whilst others not. Some women have hair that is darker and coarse, and easily visible against the skin.

You have a choice to remove your facial hair using a number of depilatory methods like waxing, tweezing or using hair removal creams.

One other exciting and permanent alternative is laser hair removal. You never have to crane you neck in the mirror to look for stray hairs on your chin anymore when you have the confidence that all your facial hair is gone… permanently!

Good bye to your hairy upper lip and chin- after laser treatment your skin will be permanently smooth.

During the procedure, the technician will carefully direct the laser onto the facial hairs to be removed. The pigment in the hairs absorbs the energy and the hair follicle that produces the hair is damaged. A damaged hair follicle can’t produce a hair in the future leaving your skin hair-free.

It is safe for the face because:

  • The technician does a test patch first to check which settings on the machine is suitable for your hair type.
  • The laser only damages the hair follicle and leaves the skin unharmed.
  • The procedure is very fast- areas like the upper lip can be treated in about a minute.

The technician may give you some eye protection to wear while performing laser hair removal in Dubai

You will be advised to avoid direct sunlight before and after the procedure. Any other depilatory methods should be avoided about a month before treatment to make the laser more effective.

After laser hair removal your face may feel like you have a mild form of sunburn. Just use some cool compresses to improve the discomfort.

Usually you can wear makeup the next day after treatment unless otherwise advised by the technician or dermatologist.

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