Grooming your facial hair daily is possibly the most hated task for the average man.

Who wants to get up extra early to groom your beard and then do it again the next day!

You need to keep your beard precise with a sharp line if you want to look your best. You don’t want Stray hairs on the upper cheeks or neck that will only harm your image as a stylish, well-groomed man.

Wouldn’t it be great to permanently remove the unwanted stray hairs off your face and appear perfectly groomed at any time of the day and night? Now there is a way!

Laser hair removal is not limited to ladies only. Many men are increasingly choosing beard laser hair removal so that they can maintain their beard style with little effort. This procedure is fast becoming one of our most popular at Australia Medical Centre.

There are many reasons men for this:

  • It’s a time saver- you don’t have to shave every day AND you can prevent those annoying nicks.
  • It makes grooming your beard easier. Some men choose to permanently remove the hair on the neck or higher up on the cheeks so that the beard appears neatly groomed at all times.
    With so many variations of beard styling trending now, it’s great to have some help keeping up with the latest fashions. Your goatee can look great at any time!
  • It helps to prevent folliculitis which is the inflamed bumps that occur on the face when you have ingrown hairs. This condition can be painful and itchy, and folliculitis can also form sores that are crusty. This is not a sight any man wants on his face.
  • The coarse texture of the facial hair makes other hair removal methods, like waxing and tweezing very difficult and painful.

What to Expect:

  • Once you schedule an appointment, our doctors will evaluate your skin and hair texture, and advise you on the treatment. You can explain the look you want to achieve, and a treatment plan will be customised for you.
  • It may take up to 1 hour for the whole beard area- shorter if you want a goatee or similar.
  • The treatment is relatively pain free but if you are in some discomfort there are topical gels that can be applied.

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