We may love our families and the genes passed down from them but sometimes an unfortunate nose or chin can make an appearance on our face and make us wish for a better looking one!

But there is no need to panic, there is a way to make small tweaks with fillers to change the shape of a chin or nose or both to get the profile you desire.

You don’t have to opt for painful plastic surgery to get the facial features you want. There are non-surgical and minimally invasive techniques using nose fillers and chin fillers to achieve the same results.

The product we use at Australia Medical Centre is Teosyal®.

Teosyal® contains a substance called hyaluronic acid in a gel form that plumps up areas that it is injected into. It can reshape the contours of your nose or chin hiding any defect that makes you self-conscious.

The beauty of this method is that it lasts up to one year, so if you change your mind about your new profile the filler effect is temporary, and you can reclaim your extraordinary nose or chin back. Or you may choose another profile- variety is the spice of life!

After the year has passed and you’re happy with the result, you can have touch-up injections every six months to maintain the shape.

So, say goodbye to that weak chin or bumpy nose you thought you’re stuck with.

The procedure takes only about half an hour and the pain is minimal because a local anaesthetic and ice is applied. Afterwards you will be advised to limit sun exposure, avoid any dental treatments and intensive physical activity.

Soon after that you can strut around proudly with your new nose or chin!

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