Australia Medical centre is a reputable, high-quality clinic in Dubai and is well respected as an experienced provider of wellness and anti-aging rejuvenation for the whole body.

We specialise in medical grade skin treatments, cosmetic injectables, hair removal laser, dentistry, gynaecology and plastic surgery.

Our staff have a keen respect for aesthetics and believe you should always look and feel your best, regardless of age.

The Australian Medical Center has been operating for many years. We are located in the leafy and picturesque suburb of Jumeirah in Dubai.

Our medical team at Australia Medical Centre is comprised of specially trained, professional and experienced personnel who have the client’s health and safety as a top priority.

We listen to each individual client’s needs and provide customised treatment with the best aftercare.

Providing quality healthcare at affordable prices is very important to us. AMC has a high proportion of repeat clientele, so we believe we have that balance just right.

We use only the latest technologies and techniques to provide quality care for optimum results with the least downtime for you, the client.

We follow stringent international healthcare protocols to deliver the best results safely.

Our team understands that our clients are discerning and want only the best value in anti-aging and good health.

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Why Choose Us

Australia Medical Centre is a professional clinic in Dubai. We pride ourselves on:

High Standard of Care

The clinic’s ethos is carefully aligned with the very high standards of medical care and practice as retained in Australia.

Modern Equipment

We invest in having the most modern equipment using the latest technology. All equipment we use satisfy the strict limits of sterility, cleanliness and hygiene.


We employ stringent sterilisation techniques to ensure everything we use in sterile settings is safe from potential pathogens.

Higher Qualified Staff

Our staff are specially chosen for being the best in their field and receive regular training.


We bring comprehensive medical and cosmetic services at affordable rates. Looking and feeling great was never this easy!